In my first blog I talked about all the different social media platforms that the Sydney Swans Football Club used to promote themselves to their members, fans and the general public. The main reason for these was to keep the fans updated with current news, scores, teams, events, etc. However, in my first blog I only briefly touched on how these social media platforms promote the club and help it grow at a sustainable level. Over the next few blogs I will go into a much deeper analysis on these social media platforms on a singular level using examples to clearly demonstrate how the Sydney Swans uses them to promote the club. In this blog I will be investigating how Facebook is used to promote the club and how effective it has been in doing so. To illustrate how massive and useful Facebook can be in promoting businesses such as the Sydney Swans Football Club, 936 million users access Facebook every day while 798 million users access Facebook every day on their mobile. In Australia alone over 14 million people use Facebook on a regular basis. In my next few blogs I will go into more detail on how other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are used to help promote the club with their members and fans. But just to give an ideas how big Facebook is and how widely used it is in Australia as a whole compared to these other social media platforms – 93% of Australian’s use Facebook for social networking, this is compared to 26% for Instagram and 17% for Twitter. This again demonstrating how useful Facebook is as a social media platform just purely based on the amount of users, which gives the Sydney Swans the most amount of coverage to its fans. Also to add to this Facebook has connections to the club’s website, Twitter and Instagram making it the most important social media platform for any business to promote themselves to the general public and to allow for the most amount of expansion. A page on Facebook is essentially the official profiles of brands. The best aspect of Facebook is the reach it gets to its target audience; this is the number of unique people who see the post. With over 230,000 people that have liked the Sydney Swans Facebook page, as well as the 40,000 actual club members. The page allows fans to get constant updates on news, events, scores and player profiles – constantly promoting the club. As the club is based out of Sydney it is more than likely many of the Facebook page followers are somehow connected, and this increases the amount of impressions which then means more people are seeing the post and getting updates on anything that involves the Sydney Swans. An example of a post on the Sydney Swans Facebook page was yesterday after they played a game, “It was a special night at the SCG as we put on a strong performance to overrun the Crows by 52 points”. This is then linked to the Swans website for a full game analysis for followers to read as well as highlights and interviews and players. Again reaching to as many followers as possible and giving fans the opportunity for a full insight into the clubs news and helping promote the brand. fb