In my previous blogs I looked at how the Sydney Swans Football Club used social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to help promote the club to their fans and members. It is a very effective tool in doing so, helping connect fans with the club as well as their favorite players. Another social media platform that has become very effective and useful in recent times is Instagram. Instagram is a free smartphone app used to capture and share the world’s moments. Instagram is fast and fun way to share pictures and videos with friends, fans or customers. This is of course depending on the profile of the Instagram which can just be someone’s own personal account, or a business or brand trying to market their product. Those that use Instagram can create posts daily, as well as like and comment on posts. The main difference with Instagram is that mobile is the core, and you can only create a post on your phone and not on your desktop. The point of it is that its mobile and you can show whatever you want everyday no matter where you are. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not link heavy and you can only have an active link in your bio. This means you have to sell what you are doing within the image, which the many different custom types and designs in Instagram come so important. Instagram encourages users to stay within Instagram, rather than leave to learn more about a product or location. Instagram is great for showing a moment or a snapshot. This is where its use for the Sydney Swans is so useful. As a professional AFL team, players and coaches are continuously on the road and close access to training and the players is generally quite restricted. Instagram has allowed the club to post images of the team and players and away games, with constant updated on scores on game day, as well as photos in the change rooms before and after game. This continual match day experience has never been seen before, and the flexibility of Instagram has allowed very easy access for fans to see and be updated on everything happening at the Sydney Swans. In recent times there has been a big shift towards visual content as 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual procession. This makes it far more appealing to fans. Another dimension to Instagram very similar to Facebook and especially Twitter is players having their own accounts and posting their own images and content. This gives insight to what the players do outside of football in their personal lives and creates a connection with fans that can see what they might be like in real life, as well as comment and like posts.

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