In my previous blogs I discussed how the Sydney Swans AFL Club uses social media to promote themselves with fans and members around Australia. The club used a variety of social media platforms to do so, which helped market their brand as well as attract more supporters on a national level. In this blog I am going to use a more global example and how social media has been used at a professional level. The example I am going to use is the Manchester United Football Club. I have used this club and brand because it is the richest club in the world, and also has the highest support base with followers in countries from all parts of the globe. A good indication of this is on the club website that is in 7 different language to facilitate supporters from different parts of the world. As this is the case, social media platforms have become extremely important for Manchester United as they try and reach out to those from, all over the world, providing them with team news, events, scores, player profiles, etc. On top of staying connected with their fan base, social media platforms have also been used to help market their products and merchandise, which are of the highest demand. Manchester United, much like many other sporting teams, uses social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With these platforms a lot of the information is linked back to the clubs website. The Facebook page has over 65 million followers, illustrating how big the club really is. With the club having so many global sponsors, and trying to reach such a large and diverse fan base globally, Facebook has become a very important part of the clubs promotional tools. It is able to market through Facebook its different sponsors by showing adds, as well as selling merchandise and updating followers with team news – which occurs all year around due to player trades and new sponsors and International events. More so than for the Sydney Swans AFL club, Manchester United relies on social media platforms like Facebook to be able to interact with their global fan base, and it is the best way for them to do so in a manner that is familiar to so many people and that is easy and efficient. Also it allows fans to interact with each other on a more personal level and with the players as well. However, in relation to this other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are generally more effective in this regard. An example of a post on the Manchester United Facebook page is where the club shared one of the main sponsors – Chevrolet, who had made an ad with a supporter who was one the clubs 2015 ‘Chevrolet Mascots”. The ad is about a young girl, Alexi, who loves football and learnt the game form her father. The ad reveals how Alexi has been given the chance to take a trip to Old Trafford – home of Manchester United, and meet all the other mascots as well. This promotional video through Facebook has offered some many benefits for the club. Firstly, it has promoted one of their major brands, Chevrolet. Secondly, it has established a connection with their supporter base; especially young kids who now get the opportunity to go to the ground and be apart of the team. This connection is seen on a global level and as well as promotes the club creates another level of excitement for fans to get involved in the club and meet some of their heroes. utd