Man utd twitterManchester United due to its size and its connection with fans all around the globe has placed a rather larger importance with the social media platforms that it decides to use. Other than Facebook, Manchester United has used Twitter and Instagram to integrate with their fans as well as market their products and keep updates on team news and players. Manchester United’s Twitter page has 5.72 million followers with 16.2 thousand tweets. Much like Facebook, Manchester United uses Twitter to market their brands and products, connect with their fans and give constant updates on all club matter. Twitter gives everyone the power to create and share idea and information, instantly, without barriers. Of course, like with any successful business, you can’t just introduce a strategy by throwing lots of money at it, it needs to be well structured, managed and monitored. In relation to twitter, a good rule of thumb is that 80% of your tweets should focus on driving interactions with followers. These include Retweets, replies, and favorites. Its after this and a connection has been established that you can mix in direct offers and promotions that get followers more involved such as buying products and services. This is very evident with Manchester United and its use of Twitter as a social media platform and powerful business tool. The club has been able to establish a very good connection with its followers all around the world, and because of this has the luxury of offering promotions and merchandise to sell to their fans. This is a clear illustration of how Manchester United uses social media to make the club more successful and maintain a sustainable level of growth. Another social media platform that Manchester United has incorporated into its business strategy and that has contributed to sustained level of growth in recent years is Instagram. Manchester United has 5.2 million follows on its Instagram account, with 2942 posts. “As visual content becomes more popular on social media, it also becomes increasingly important for brands to create and leverage. This shift to visual social media means that more and more businesses, big and small, are starting to communicate visually with their fans, followers and customers” (Istvanova, L). Instagram has been the last step in terms of social media platforms introduced as business tools for companies. However, it has been established as very useful and effective due to its very easy and mobile nature, as well as the images being easy to process and therefore attracting an even wider fan base. Instagram has even be considered to have taken over Facebook and Twitter in terms of its usefulness for marketing brands, due to posts being able to be seen more easily than the other platforms, that don’t always pop up for followers to see. Manchester United has used this source very well, and has allowed the club to tap almost every possible social media platform in a way that greatly benefits them. As such as large and global brand, all these social media platforms have been crucial to the continuing expansion of the richest sporting club in the world.

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